Culinary School – Catering Schools Programs

Culinary School - Catering Schools Programs

by admin on June 15, 2012

Succeed and make a living by doing something you have a passion for. If you have an interest for culinary arts and also enjoy event planning, a career in catering may be the right program for you. In summary, a catering program prepares individuals to bring the restaurant to any place where the customer desires, such as weddings, business events, parties, or even a university cafeteria. If this sounds interesting already, you should continue reading.

While specific programs in catering may be difficult to find, you can tailor some restaurant management degrees, or even business management degrees to your needs. For instance, you could take certain courses in menu planning, culinary arts, beverage management, sanitation and handling, pastry and baking, classic American and/or international cuisine, business management, accounting, nutrition, cost control customer service. Thus, if you choose a program in restaurant management, or a culinary program you should pair it with a business general minor at the very least.

A great program that is tailored in the area of general culinary management is from The Institute of Culinary Education in NYC. This program is designed with courses in restaurant management, marketing, menu, law, finance, supervision and other related areas. In the words of the Institute of Culinary Education “a culinary business is broadly defined to include restaurants, catering operations, specialty food stores and similar operations”. Thus, this program is highly flexible and allows individuals who are interested in opening their own restaurant, or running their own catering business. The length of such programs is three times a week for 26 to 35 weeks. The exciting part about this program is that at the end of the curriculum each student prepares and presents a fully developed business plan that defines the culinary business of his or her choosing. Upon completing your program, the Institute of Culinary Education provides networking and employment placement assistance. Thus, if you are seeking for some action in NYC and are looking for an excellent program that prepares you for a career in catering than The Institute of Culinary Education is the right place for you.

The career options are various, ranging from working for hotels, managing a university cafeteria, to owning your own catering business. While working for some luxurious hotels may require a longer experience and at least an associate degree, you could always continue to expand your education. The average salary according to,a careers website, could be from $33k up to $100k. This should provide plenty of incentive to get out there and work hard in doing something that you are passionate about, while having the opportunity to make the big bucks.

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