Culinary Schools in Florida

Culinary Schools in Florida

by admin on June 16, 2012

According to the “Online Education Database (OEDb)” there are over 3 million cooks and food servers in the United States, and 940,000 chefs are among them.  Some of these people may have learned to cook with a relative, on their own or within a culinary institution.  For people considering a career in the culinary arts Florida would be a great place to start.  Florida is a vacation state, therefore many cities in Florida have a constant flow of young and old vacationers, and they all have to eat.

There are numerous culinary schools in Florida.  The majority of the culinary schools are located in Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach.  These areas are very popular vacation spots, which makes them popular for restaurateurs. Students that study culinary arts are able to obtain an Associates or Bachelors and are usually seeking the degree in culinary arts, hospitality management, and or restaurant management.

Some of the schools in Florida try their best to accommodate all of their students by offering online classes, evening classes, financial aid assistance and scholarship information.  One school that offers these amenities is Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Orlando.  Le Cordon Bleu offers associates degrees and certificates in programs such as culinary arts and baking and pastry arts.   They also offer an Associates or Bachelors degree in Hospitality management and Culinary Operations.

The OEDb also provides the names of several scholarships offered in Florida such as,

  •  -American Academy of Chefs Culinary Scholarships
  • -American Hotel and Lodging Educational Foundation Scholarships
  • -C-CAP Cooking Competition for Scholarships
  • -Chaine Des Rotisseurs Scholarships

Some of these scholarships are not only available to high school seniors but to college students as well.  Tuition rates in Florida culinary schools can vary between approximately $3,000- $40,000+. Culinary arts students are lucky to have a great number of schools that offer their discipline.  I truly believe that studying in a state with so many opportunities can only raise their chances to be successful chefs in the future.

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