Summer Culinary Programs

Summer Culinary Programs

by admin on June 15, 2012

For some time television networks have been battling it out to win over our hearts as well as our appetites. Teaching us all how to prepare either the most complex meal or the healthiest, all in the comfort of our own kitchen. It now seems that the academic world has fallen into step with popular culture, not a surprise. A Google search for ‘summer culinary programs’ returns a wealth of study programs aimed at a wide variety of audiences, kids, high school students and adults alike. Culinary programs are becoming a favored change of curriculum in the summer.

Many highly favored institutes such as Le Cordon Bleu (2 year professional course to becoming a chef- career choice) whilst The Art Institute offer programs that last from days to months depending on the culinary focus. Students who participate in culinary summer programs improve their amateur cooking skills while learning a variety of recipes. Certain focuses in culinary require chefs to understand wine pairings for dinner meals and dessert as well as everything in-between.

For American teens still in high school, summer programs abroad can be life changing decisions that are beneficial when choosing a major study in college. E-commerce sites such as Abbey Road and Go Abroad offer specific cuisines to research and reflect on in different countries all over the world to ensure the direction taken is the right one. When considering the fact that you will most likely be spending an entire summer doing something you love or have grown to love, it’s best to experience a new culture to add to your summer fun.

Students who are already in college or deciding on a college can enroll in summer culinary programs at many participating community colleges. As the “side-kick” to all major universities, community colleges are a sure way to save money and take the same basic and some advanced courses offered. It’s important to choose a community college that offers ACF-accredited culinary programs. Tuition prices can reach up to $40,000 from institutes that may end up not being ACF-accrediting while community college tuition cost state residents around $1300. Many feel they need to begin with a prestigious school in order to become one of the best. As once stated from a friend of mine, “The best comes from within, and the best are born with prestige”. With that said, it would benefit anyone to develop their natural skill and passion for food with a summer program that best suits them.

Every culinary program is different and has its own set of requirements. For many summer programs, it is not mandatory that you are a current or future student. An article on Oprah’s website “Overnight Camps for Grown-Ups” was written early this year in January and gives great insight to culinary boot-camp classes for adults who do not have time to spend an entire summer dedicated to food courses. The dream is available for everyone and there is always a way to achieve a goal with any given schedule and availability. Cooking can be fun for everyone and summer is the best time to take advantage of the many opportunities to live, smell, taste and devour a variety of yummy creations.

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